After she was the one who saved the kangaroo’s life, the small girl resolved to treat the animal as if it were her own
In an Israeli zoo, a young mother kangaroo recently gave birth to a baby kangaroo who was only 3 millimeters old at the time. He dived into his
Your appreciation from this kanga cannot be overstated. Your warm sentiments mean a lot to me, so thank you.
Salvage centers in New Zealand are required for any kangaroos that were abandoned and raised by humans. Most people know about Sovereign Abigail, the 15-year-old kangaroo that lives
Small as he is, this kangaroo is looking forward to some some one-on-one time with his stuffed bunny
This young kangaroo is aware of the value of a dependable companion just like any other animal. Green Party advisor in Tasmania Tim Beshara posted a photo of
A kangaroo that was rescued by humans cannot stop embracing those who helped her
Do wild animals ever fall in love? If that’s true, then how do they provide evidence of it? For years, the kangaroo has made the trip to see