Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old grandmother, gave birth to quadruplets, giving her a total of 13 children
Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old Berlin native, shocked the world in May of 2015.Four infants were born prematurely to the lady; three boys and a girl, the smallest of
The children of Brad and AngeLina are very different people now that they are grownups
Although the Hollywood stars divorced in 2016, after being married for a combined total of 12 years, their six children will continue to see both of them as
The wonderful couple was hoping for a boy, so four was quite a shock
Violet and Sam used to be the prototypical couple. Although they were blessed with two beautiful girls, they always wanted a boy. They couldn’t have been happier when
You couldn’t separate the two from one another
What an incredible tale of adventure in Colorado! Miss Page took in a boy and a girl, separated by a year, and treated them like her own. After
An elderly single woman caring for triplets finds a $300 bill on her desk. Then..
Once they found out the waitress was expecting triplets, they tipped her $300. This person is probably your granny. Discover. A North Dakota waitress, aged 48, was surprised
An enhanced version of a viral film of ecstatic quadruplets from 2002 shows the kids 16 years later
Since its first posting to the internet several years ago, millions of people have seen this film. Those who saw it felt uplifted and happy thereafter. Hearing four
Look at her kids—a 27-year-old female is easily mistaken for an elderly lady
People often mistake this peculiar teen for an elderly woman. Although it may not seem like it, she is really a very little girl. Kate had an unusual
Their offspring are so beautiful that they have taken over the Internet and their parents’ homelands of Malaysia and Sweden
Sofia’s birth year is 2016. Mother had no idea what would happen after publishing first picture of baby daughter. Sophia’s parents are immigrants; her Swedish dad and Malaysian
A single mother in Uganda is a true hero for taking care of her family of 38 kids by herself
This mother is parenting her 38 kids by herself. The majority of mothers with many children feel overwhelmed and frustrated since they do not have enough time for
The hospital adoption agency contacted the couple two weeks later to let them know they had triplets to adopt
The couple wanted a child very much. The couple ultimately decided to adopt in order to have a family. Sarah and Andy couldn’t afford surrogacy or IVF. They
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