She faced harassment at school because of her birthmark, but now she is a model who questions the standards of beauty

Most modern designers don’t even bother to think about traditional standards of beauty. This was shown by the life of the stunning and eccentric fashion model Mariana Mendez.

The stunning girl’s birthmark is very noticeable and draws attention to her.However, the physical trait does not detract from her overall attractiveness.

To prove that there is no perfect, Mariana appears in fashion publications and takes part in exhibits and events of all kinds. Women are not prepared to set any standards for themselves.

To be sure, there is something lovely about every single individual on the planet. The gorgeous girl had a rough upbringing.

A youngster with a birthmark was frequently the target of bullying from classmates, friends, and even strangers. They mocked her with hurtful nicknames and avoided putting her in social situations.

In spite of everything she had been through, Mariana did not develop a bitter disposition. Simply put, she was born beautiful in her parent’s eyes.

Her mother instilled in her a sense of optimism, a kind spirit, and a strong sense of self-worth. A little blemish on the newborn’s face was the first thing the doctors saw.

Nonetheless, its size quickly expanded and has remained constant throughout the years. The model’s Instagram account has gained a lot of followers.

Tens of thousands of fans regularly support Mendes because of her determination to realize her ambitions. They look to her for guidance, and are encouraged by her willingness to keep going in the face of adversity.

This cover girl, who is also a regular girl, says she is happy to assist others who feel they don’t fit in because of their looks.

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