She even knows the name of her one true love, Grandpa wept

The summer of 2021 was ruined for an old man by the loss of his loving wife, Anna. An unexpected gift a year later brightened his outlook.

The loss of his wife «Anny» was a major setback in his life. The old guy was fortunate to have found a companion who made his life more enjoyable.

After her grandma passed away, Ashley Lemieux witnessed her grandpa change. She adored him and knew her pain from personal experience.

Lemieux’s son, Jayce, was expected in 2020. They joyfully held their infant, oblivious of his impending death.

After losing Jayce, Lemieux posted a heartfelt Instagram message. Every time she gave birth, she was surrounded by lullabies.

Every time she sang the song to her newborn son, Jayce, her heart broke a little more. Admitted:

The emotional effects of missing him are compounded by physical manifestations of that sorrow.

One of her biggest tragedies was the loss of a child, but a new friend helped her heal. Her mom came up with the name «Annie Rae» after she died.

Since Lemieux’s grandmother was also called Lemieux, her birth was very momentous.

Annie’s grandfather originally came from Wisconsin, and Lemieux was the one who initially brought him to Canada.

Grandpa is overjoyed as he holds Annie in his arms. He kissed her cheek as he beamed at the camera. As he grabs Annie’s little hand in his, a broad grin spreads over his face.

Even though he was emotionless about it, Lemieux thanked my grandma for the fact that their names had a same initial. My grandfather adored my grandmother.

Being held by her beloved grandpa for the first time brought tears to her eyes.

As a result of his curiosity, Lemieux’s grandpa began asking her about her Instagram, which led to a number of humorous exchanges between them.

According to him, she «talks a lot» about the messages that others write her. To him, the Instagram stars were just casual acquaintances.

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