Roberts’ newest overhaul has been met with disapproval from onlookers who say his work has «lost its beauty and attraction»

As a result of his weight gain, Roberts has been criticized for failing to provide a good example.

Despite the fact that it may be difficult at times, at 54 years old, one of the most brilliant, talented, and famous actresses in Hollywood has already arrived.

Roberts, despite her late years, is still held up by many fans as the epitome of feminine charm and beauty.

Meanwhile, recently, photojournalists have had the chance to shoot a Hollywood actress in a setting where she likely did not expect to be photographed.

The bulk of the actress’s dedicated fans did not change their minds about her, continuing to believe that she looks great for her age.

Others were too ready to judge her by the standards of their «beautiful» bodies.

How does Roberts stack up against Lopez? People have said things such, «She looks pretty sloppy here,» «A perfectly normal person in her forties,» and «How much did she put in?»

«It’s not hard to figure out who will win,» «Guessing the victor isn’t too difficult,»

Some fans persisted in defending the actress, arguing that she had an ethereal beauty and a feminine appeal.

«What magnificent legs!» «Envy her in silence» «Just look at this goddess!»Generally speaking, how would you rate the Hollywood actress’s appearance?

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