Playing and sleeping in odd ways is a trademark of one of the world’s cutest two-legged cats

The Pali cat has many characteristics with other types of cats. She enjoys playing, eating, and going potty when she has spare time.

The bulk of her waking hours are spent napping, as she does with the rest of her feline friends.

However, Pali stands out from the others. She was born without two of her front limbs as a result of a congenital abnormality.

As it turned out, Milo happened across the kitten by chance and took it inside the house.Because he had never before had a cat with special requirements, Milo was unclear at first how to care for the animal.

It turns out that Milo had read about another two-legged cat named Mercury who had gained fame on the Internet. Pali quickly grew and thrived in the expert hands of its caretakers.

It didn’t take the cat long to master the art of walking on its hind legs. Pali has also begun playing by herself.

Whenever Pali is feeling worn out, she extends out to her maximum height and coils her back into a ‘C’ shape.

As Milo puts it, ‘I don’t believe she even understands that she is extraordinary. She’s a survivor, and I miss her much while I’m away from her. When I visit, she always makes me feel welcome.

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