Over the course of five hours, a dog’s incessant barking helped save its 90-year-old owner

The dog, having been abandoned, devised an ingenious way to express his gratitude to the family that took him in.

In an attempt to rescue her owner, who was 90 years old, she barked nonstop for about five hours.

Because of the heroic deeds the dog performed, his owner survived, and the two were reunited after a lengthy separation.

As she was leaving the home one morning, Maria tripped and fell to the ground, just missing her mailbox. In the aftermath of the disaster, Maria was left to fend for herself since she had forgotten her phone at home.

However, when Milky noticed that her mistress was in difficulty, she did not hesitate to come to her aid.

As soon as she was heard, she began barking, and a nearby bystander immediately came to her rescue.

Milky, Maria’s dog, remained at her side the whole five hours and barked nonstop. When they heard the dog’s barking, they went to investigate.

Help came at the clinic just in time to treat Maria’s wounds, and she recovered swiftly.

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