One of the wealthiest businessmen in India reportedly bought 1260 automobiles and 400 residences for his staff

The employees of the Indian diamond company will never forget that day. That day, the head of Hare Krishna Exports gave more than ever before.

Staff members of a diamond-selling firm in India will never forget a particularly memorable celebration. That day, the head of Hare Krishna Exports gave more than ever before.

The CEO of the company provided his workers with over a thousand autos and 400 upscale homes. There’s no way to fathom that a CEO could achieve such staggering numbers.

It was common practice for the same boss, Savji Dolakia, to shower his employees with expensive gifts. There are 70 nations where his diamond sales company is profitable.

They often provide expensive gifts to employees. Over 100 inmates were provided with homes and vehicles in 2014. The head of the firm has promised to carry on showering his employees with such goodies for many years to come.

His unconventional upbringing and lifestyle have made him stand out. He exhibits irrational oddness.

He never displays any warmth toward his children and purposely creates a hostile atmosphere in which they must grow up in order to teach them an important lesson: that life is difficult.

When his kid turned 21, he didn’t give him diamonds. With just 7,000 rupees and a few belongings, his father sent him out into the world to find work. Just three sets of clothes and some toiletries were all he had.

What he has to say may be paraphrased asI came from a wealthy and prestigious family, and my kin always got everything they needed, no matter how much it set us back. These people have become used to it.

Through my dad, I got to witness how average people make a living and handle money. I was trying to figure out how this all worked and what it meant for me.

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