One mom gives birth to two exceptional sons who shock the doctors

Oftentimes, infants are born with no or very little hair. Two British brothers were both blessed with full manes at birth.

The legacy left by Lindsay Shelton’s offspring in Northampton and the United Kingdom is legendary.

Her two sons are named George and Stanley. To begin with impression, they seem like normal guys. They both had thick hair that they were born with.

It was necessary for the obstetricians to use scissors during George’s delivery. The newborn boy’s hair was so long that it hid his eyes and nose.

Baby’s hair developed rapidly. Three times in the first six months, mom and dad gave their newborn a haircut (that is, once every two months).

Since George hates getting his hair trimmed, it slowed things down. The parents took their 9-month-old kid in for his first professional haircut.

Because of his disbelief, the master had a picture taken with George. Never before has he seen hair like that on a child.

Four more years passed before Shelton finally had another son. Stanley’s hair was quite long. After a period of a few months, they grew straight and tall.

Lindsay’s husband Simon pronounced, «He’s electrocuted.» Stanley’s hair was a work of gel art.

«Don’t let that kid near a hat. His mother made a quip about the hat’s staying power. In contrast to his sibling, Stanley enjoys his visits to the barbershop.

The Shelton brothers’ similar hair texture may be attributed to their genetics. Adults tend to have thick, rapidly regenerating hair.

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