Once again, this feline has a new best friend who won’t stop snuggling up to him

When he was only six weeks old, this kitten called Willy was spotted wandering the highway and sent to a makeshift shelter.

His presence caught the attention of an undergraduate student who had shown an interest in studying veterinary medicine and was inspired by him.

Sadly, it was revealed that Willy was in a very poor way. It was mostly his appearance, though, that was causing the most concern. Since birth, it had been scarred.

While staying at the student’s house, Willy got to know a variety of animals that she’d rescued from animal shelters. One of them was Corra, a pit bull.

Willy, on the other hand, acquired a deep attachment to the dog in a short period of time.

In addition, Corra became the kitten’s carer. They’re having a great time playing, cuddling, and walking together right now.

Although Corra has always been kind to many kinds of critters, the young girl claims she has an especially sensitive friendship with Willy.

As soon as she witnessed how well-behaved Willy became with the cat, the woman vowed she would never again trust anybody with her beloved pet.

She resolved to keep him as hers. Willy and Corra are still friends, and he gets along well with other cats and dogs that the shelter’s young girls bring home.

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