Maine Coon Cat looks like a lemur since he is so large and fluffy

Massive is an understatement when it comes to the size of the Maine Coon. This is due to a number of factors, not the least of which being his thick, shiny locks.

For this reason and his unique appearance, Richie has become an Instagram sensation and has been likened to lemurs or Sasquatch. You can’t help but notice the similarities.

Goliath is surrounded by a menacing cloud of gloom and danger. He has dark brown fur on his head and legs, according to this information.

However, the shaggy shag covering the remainder of his body was much lighter in color.

A meter-long cat-like creature named Richie was adopted by Adriana from France early on in the outbreak.

When I posted Richie’s Instagram video, it became viral in an instant. In the end, she was able to rack up more than a million views.

To this day, Richie has a thriving online community of fans who are enthused by him and eagerly anticipate his appearances.

Many people I know say that Richie brings them great joy.’A lovely cat, according to Adriana, is Richie.

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