Let’s talk about the man’s camera placement and what he captured

A Thai man put a camera in his room so he could check in on his cat whenever he wanted, even while he wasn’t there.

He hung the device in a corner, activated it, and paid little mind to the fact that it would begin recording continuously.

As he watched the footage more closely, he saw that the cat does not sleep through the night but rather sits nearby and looks directly into the man’s eyes.

A Thai man called Lomfoten found the cat and brought it home. A skinny, helpless animal was crouched behind parked automobiles on the street, and he felt bad for it.

He eventually coaxed the cat out from beneath the vehicle with food and brought it inside.

The cat liked to stay inside throughout the day to avoid the elements. But eventually he got acclimated to it and began to confidently navigate the space. However, as soon as nightfall set in, his demeanor shifted dramatically.

The cat got up next to the couch as soon as the guy slept off and spent the next few hours watching him.

Lomfoten has observed that his cat is not shy about snuggling up close to him and keeping an eye on him whenever he is at home, even during the day. In a new video, the cat can be seen sitting on top of his head.

The guy understood at once that the cat’s behavior was an expression of appreciation and that he did not want the cat to wander too far from him, even while sleeping.

After some consideration, however, Lomfoten decided against reprimanding his tail-wearing pal. If the cat does anything bad, it is not because it wants to.

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