In order to save animals from being used in a puppy mill. He can’t get much more comfortable than on his own bed

Freddie, a Chihuahua, has been locked up for the last ten years. Most of his life has been spent in a breeding cage, and he has seen very little of the outside world.

No one in their immediate family has ever met the youngster.

His owner didn’t aware he had hundreds of puppies, so she stopped caring for him when she realized he was too old.

After a Midwestern breeder was busted, National Mill Dog Rescue stepped in to rescue Freddie and 33 other puppies (NMDR). Some of the best kennels in the nation may be found in the heart of the country.

Freddie was initially wary of his rescuers, but they quickly won him over and started to touch and love on him.

Caged animals suffer from physical and psychological pain. Freddie is representative of the large number of our canine friends that need extensive medical care and training before being adopted.

To put it another way, he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

The first bed Theresa purchased Freddie helped bring out Freddie’s vivacious nature. This occurrence was a watershed moment in the history of rescue dogs.

Older dogs like Freddie may have spent their whole lives in «puppy mills,» where they and their pups were bred and sold for profit. Ignoring children’s needs is «dreadful to behold,» Teresa remarked.

Teresa had gone to the animal shelter to see Freddie, but all the dog did was stand and look at her. She rearranged her legs to make room for him in the center. Right as they placed him in bed, Freddie dove right in.

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