How many hours did A German Shepherd surprisingly managed to tread water rescuing his owner’s life?

This incredible act by a German Shepherd left Brisbane residents speechless. To save her owner, the dog heroically floated for nearly 11 hours.

The fisherman quickly became anxious when they saw the German Shepherd swimming in circles around the things.

Assistance arrived promptly after they phoned the Moreton Bay police. In the end, they were joined in their rescue efforts by a chopper, Coast Guards, and four police boats.

Initially, they rescued the weary dog from the water and took her to a nearby vet. Happily, Heidi, the dog in question, was unharmed.

A few minutes after saving the dog, the rescuers located Heidi’s owner. An elderly man was seen ascending the submerged vessel.

An hour later, he reported that his 13.5-foot craft had lost power, begun taking on water, and was sinking.

A split occurred right then between him and his astute dog. It had been 11 hours since then until the fisherman spotted Heidi in the water.

The owner was not only saved, but also unharmed. And so it was that his brave and loyal dog ultimately saved his life.In the wake of this occurrence, police issued a warning to all offshore travelers.

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