He would be a Hollywood star if his body wasn’t 95% covered with tattoos

The American Tristan Weigelt The man was neither exceptional nor out of the ordinary. But then one lucky day came, and he packed everything and moved to Copenhagen.

The man uprooted his life and trained to become a tattoo artist. He learns from the best in Denmark. The number of tattoos he has is excessive.

Tristan tattooed approximately ninety-five percent of his body to hide any distinguishing characteristics.

His body was treated by professionals. There were 260 man-hours and $54,000 invested.

His Japanese-themed tattoo represents his love of the country. Traditional Japanese tattoos are always scaled to the body, even when the hands, feet, neck, and head are all covered.

Tristan has pledged to cover up any imperfections with tattoos. His parents strongly discouraged him from keeping the tattoos.

He presented a snapshot of himself in which his features were not drawn over.It was peculiar of Tristan to want to make his parents happy. The unconventional method probably backfired.

Worshippers felt let down. Some observers were dismayed at how quickly a good first impression may be shattered.

He had the looks of a movie star. When applied to his face, no tattoo design would look good. This character, Tristan, is full of contradictions.

His opinion of others is irrelevant to him. He says it doesn’t matter what the tattoo means or how you interpret it. Interested? Try it.

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