Each side of his head was graced with an identical set of kittens, a gift from the universe

The cat with two personalities, Narnia, has arrived. Gray and black are the predominant colors on his face, which is complemented by blue eyes and gray-and-black hair.

As soon as he appeared with a split face, he shot to the top of the internet’s favorite celebrity list.

Stephanie claims that he was born in Paris and now resides in the United Kingdom, where he was raised. Everyone knew he was special from the moment he was born.

Every single one of his contemporaries recognized his singularity as a musician.

He’s currently one of the most popular cats on the internet. A father to two kittens, who have a striking resemblance to their father’s beautiful features. This is a very great idea.

There had never been more than one infant in Narnia with unique fur hues before now. They are likely to be adopted in the near future by their new families, Phoenix and Prada.

She anxiously awaits her new litter of kitten this month, but Narnia is restless. A genetic anomaly usually determines a cat’s hair pattern, and hence Narnia was once thought to be a rare chimaeric cat.

Nevertheless, Stephanie said that after a few trials, it became clear that this was not the case. As to why this hasn’t been found yet, the scientists are stumped.

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