During a snowy day, this cat is desperate to go inside the firehouse because she’s cold

A stranded street cat waited for help from a fire station window in the midst of a hard frost. When a Canadian fireman looked out his window, he was surprised to discover a little cat peering back at him.

On a frigid night, she stood in front of the window. As soon as a firefighter arrived, she rushed to his aid. Under the window, the cat remained steadfast.

She was at a loss. Firefighters let the cat inside the room because they were worried about the cold. The cat’s filthiness and hunger grew more apparent in the warmth. Instantly, the cat began purring.

He offered to temporarily house it with Kelvin, who already had four cats of his own. The next day, he took Amber to the veterinarian.

The cat’s ears were found to have significant frostbite, but the veterinarian judged it otherwise healthy.

‘Maybe someone misplaced her’: «I shared her image and story on Facebook.'» After many days of no response, we took her to the vet, where she was vaccinated and treated for ear mites.

Amber didn’t put up much of a fight, in fact, she seemed to like the attention.

However, there are days off from work when there is no duty officer available to care for Amber, therefore some of the firefighters wanted to turn Amber into a station cat.

They were able to get her a permanent residence. We uploaded her photos on Facebook and she may already have a home,» Kelvin said.

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