Due to her mother’s overprotectiveness, the baby horse spent a lot of time alone and developed a close relationship with the ranch’s canine residents

When Troll’s overprotective mother began to restrict him access to the outside world, the other horses in the herd began to ignore him.

The dogs in the Sanctuary, however, have altered the landscape. Mother Troll was overprotective of her son.

According to the Sanctuary’s owner, she suddenly emerged and chased away any other animals that came close to Troll so that they could not smell him or have any other kind of connection with him.

Having no mother to comfort him, Troll was left alone.

Because he was avoided by everyone, he also had no friends with whom to play.

Day after day, he frantically walked the grounds, hoping to strike up a conversation with someone. According to the proprietor of the shelter, it was a really sad scene.

Thankfully, the Troll wasn’t completely alone, as the golden retrievers and sheepdogs of the horse ranch were there to lend a paw.

The horse was quite cautious when first encountering them. But with time, he became used to the canines and now runs and plays with them often.

As time went by, the other horses learned it was safe to approach Troll now that his mother was no longer guarding him.

The pets and his family members eventually became his pals.

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