Dogs are scared of dark areas, crates, and cats; the only thing that soothes them is a blanket

Fline is a lovely, big dog that looks at first sight to be startlingly large. When he grows up, he’ll be able to stand on his hind legs for long periods of time, and he’ll be old enough to be a human.

When it comes to phobias, large size isn’t the answer in this situation.

Seeing boxes, dark rooms and parcels, as well as an old cat residing in the same home, frightens Fline, according to his owner Sharon.

However, he relies on an old blanket to help him conquer his worries.

The dog is scared of rabbits and squirrels, despite the fact that he is many times bigger than they are.

If Fline had not chosen otherwise, Sharon would have given him this fleece blanket years ago with the express purpose of using it to clean his dog’s feet after a walk.

Fline’s behavior has changed as a consequence of the blanket, surprising us all. Despite his timidity, the dog is a loyal friend that likes his family despite his shy nature.

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