Dog is thrilled to have a pig named Calo as a neighbor, as he enjoys playing with Nola, a golden retriever

Both of them are great friends who would be lost without the other. Amy said that Calo always meets Nola at the door upon his arrival since he is always anticipating her arrival.

He does a happy dance on all fours when he sees Calo.

Even though Nola and Calo couldn’t be more different from one other, they really have a lot in common.

If they are let in, they won’t mind vegging out together for a couple of hours.

In the summer, the pig and the dog host entertaining activities on the verdant grass, and in the fall, they rake the leaves and create a beautiful scene in the yard.

Having found such a true companion in their pets, the ladies are happy. To keep the lines of communication open, they often plan outings together, like hikes in the woods or backyard barbecues.

The dog really benefited from Calo’s companionship. Finding a friend who loves you for who you are is a tremendous blessing.

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