Despite her unusual facial deformity, the model proves that true beauty comes from inside

Modeling is open to females of all sizes and shapes, including those who are overweight, have skin disorders, or have other physical flaws.

There has been a shift in what is considered beautiful.

This happened to model Ilka Brühl. As a youngster, she was the target of bullies, but now she’s a successful model often compared to magnificent aliens.

The cleavage in Ilka’s face stood out. She was still very much in love with life even after all the operations. Ilka no longer holds any ill will against the people who tormented her as a youngster.

Ilka’s life was altered by a friend’s photographic invitation.

The youngster was pleased with the result, and the supportive comments below the photos only served to convince her that nobody is ugly.

In this way, even her flaws become advantages. Top modelling agencies now represent Ilka.

To begin, there is not one single ugly person in the world. The uniqueness of every person is what makes them wonderful.

The story of the model’s self-acceptance struggles is told in the hopes of empowering others. My nasal airways were not properly formed and undeveloped because of my facial cleft.

A lack of development in my right lacrimal canal meant that I constantly left wet tracks on my face when tears rolled down my cheeks.

She encourages people to take risks and stop worrying about what other people think of them.

All of our concerns are in our heads.People who were «terribly stunning,» like Ilka, shattered standards of physical attractiveness.

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