Couple postpones wedding to save stray cat

There are several examples of folks who will go to tremendous lengths to aid an animal in need, but this is one of the most poignant. A young couple decided to put off their wedding in order to save a stray cat.

Nika and her fiancé Carlos were happy because they were going to tie the knot in the manner they had always planned.

But trust me when I say they canceled everything after falling in love with a stray cat in Dubai.

They were walking along the coast when they came upon a cat. As they approached him, they discovered the infant was in horrible condition.

The couple decided to assist him by giving him some water and food, and then they attempted unsuccessfully to call a local rescue organization to take him in.

They opted to have a cat at that moment. However, adopting a cat proved to be significantly more costly than Nika and her fiancé had imagined.

As a consequence, they were forced to choose between saving this lovely kitty and getting married as planned. Fortunately, they selected the kitten.

Nika and Carlos were ultimately allowed to take the cat home after three months.

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