Every night, Rescue Dog looks forward to her father putting her to bed
A good night’s rest has never come easily for a dog named Bailey. The rescue puppy has been sleeping peacefully since her father, Mac Clenney, was dismissed for
Is there anything you know about how much a dog enjoys celebrating their birthdays?
In our household, we treat our dogs as if they were members of our extended family. To make their dogs feel extra special on their birthday, many people
A rescued piglet and a cat, both cute, became fast friends despite their initial differences
The animal kingdom is fascinating even without the amazing tales of genuine, lifelong friendships between creatures of different kinds. Marie the cat and Luois the baby pig are
Animals in wedding photos are typically a big hit
Beautiful images of actual wedding attendees, including animals, may be seen in the second installment of this series. Getting married is one of the most important moments in
Rescue of a lost dog after 32 days in the woods is the subject of this true tale
Pavel Kaluzyak and his dog Gusion went for a walk in the forest near their house in Poland at the beginning of February. Gucio was able to run
Snooze-inducing photos of an adorable fox go viral when the animal is caught in the act
As soon as the tree stump had been cut down, an amiable fox established his home on top of it. The people that formerly called this house home
A guy gave up his job and sold all he had so that he and his dog could travel the world together
An Australian named Richard East decided to leave his job so he could travel the world with his dog, and here is the narrative of his journey. Richard’s
Take a look inside the home of a lady who has over 1,000 cats
She really’moved out’ of one of her bedrooms in order to give the kitties a bit more space.Our cuddly feline buddies are very important to this self-described «cat
Even though swans aren’t known for being nice, the injured swan opted to cuddle and thank the host for saving him
Animals are known to take people entirely by surprise, and this is nothing new.Some of them are hostile, while others are open and warm with their feelings for
My heart was melted by the lovely dog and his mother’s performance on American Idol
It’s impossible to keep up with all the fantastic animals that can be found on the internet nowadays. A broad range of animals may be taught to do
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