By prioritizing her pets, a lady takes the correct choice and cancels the wedding

Vicky Martin was certain that everybody in his life was going swimmingly. She had two gorgeous dogs which she cherished above all, in addition to a grooms who she adored much.

The wedding was swiftly nearing, but an unexpected discovery altered everything.

That much is certain: Vicky began to see strange things on her pets’ bodies. Veterinarians couldn’t figure out where they came from.

When the girl realized that the animals were beginning to flee from her future marriage, she became suspicious.

To ease her fears, the girl installed a webcam in the living room. Vicky was startled with what she saw in the video.

Inside the clip, her future husband abuses the dog. ‘My love for this guy faded after viewing the first few of seconds of his video.

The bride, of course, canceled the wedding. The clip was initially shared online by the girl. Second, she gave the cops a written statement.

Authorities investigated the application but kept their findings to themselves.

Such behaviors are beyond comprehension. Furthermore, it’s unclear where this «person» was come from when he abused animals in that manner.

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