Both South Africa and Angola provide host to a thriving population of this species. In the Nile River Basin and Gulf of Guinea, there are no tropical woods

The starling’s colour is so vibrant and striking that it can only be fully appreciated in person.

Although common in the region, it is stunning to the eyes of birdwatchers who haven’t seen the full range of colors these birds can display.

The bird is one of the most vibrant members of the Sturnldae family, and it has several unusual traits that could surprise avid birdwatchers.

These starlings may be distinguished easily. When compared to other starlings, they stand taller, have a larger beak, a shorter tail, and more vibrant colors.

The top regions of both sexes have a bright turquoise hue that shimmers and shines in the right light.

The auricles are hidden by a blue-black patch that frames the eyes. In this case, we have two black dots that are equally spaced and have some resemblance to symmetry.

The underside is brighter than the rest of the body, which is a mellow violet at most. According on the light source and viewing angle, the feathers of the bird may seem to be different colors.

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