Because she couldn’t return to the wild, the cougar became a domesticated cat

In their apartment, this couple has a unique pet that they take care of. Medis is a 50-kilogram cougar.

Owners of Medis found him in a zoo. His mother had given birth to three cubs, and he was the youngest of the three.

Medis was sold at the age of three months, even though he already had health concerns that needed to be addressed.

Immediately, the couple was smitten with the cougar and decided to re-purchase her.

Wife tells her husband that he’s always wanted a huge cat, but that instead of the lynx he was given, it was really the cougar that he was looking for.

Over the course of three days, the couple argued whether or not they were up to the challenge.

That he’d always wanted an enormous cat, but was instead given what turned out to be the wrong one, which turned out to be the wrong kind of cat, is what the wife gets her husband to believe.

The pair discussed whether or not they could handle such a challenge for three days.

He is now a fully integrated part of the family and does not cause any problems for the owners.

He’s friendly and extroverted, and he has no trouble getting along with new people.

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