Because he likes zebras, Blue the ostrich is missing the safari

Blue, an English safari park ostrich, struggles to balance her parenting duties. He rushed with the zebras, creating confusion.

Blue must leave the safari immediately. A more trustworthy man will replace him when he moves parks. However, ostriches frequently stay married for life.

Females deposit 12 eggs twice a year. Males sit on the eggs at night and females throughout the day. Blue skipped being a nice dad to go on an exciting zebra-running adventure.

As the bird’s eggs froze, safari park personnel tried to understand its peculiar behavior. They should have children this year. Blue seemed fine. Twelve gentle zebras.

The ostrich went past them while grazing on grass, giving the illusion that its tail was wagging. The moms secretly invite the bird near their babies.

As with Blue’s odd conduct, this threw the caretakers off surprise. Blue’s ambition to be a zebra caused an identity problem, according to the zookeepers.

There has never been a reported occurrence of dissociative identity disorder in any other animal before this one. Blue may not like ladies, the caregivers joke. The tiny bird may have been too young to raise its own chicks.

The safari taught the ostrich to walk erect like the stronger zebras. Blue mated with a female ostrich last spring.

Aside from Stacy, the safari park did not appear to have any young ostriches.Blue will be replaced by a new man since the safari park needs a new generation and Stacey wants a male friend.

Campground hoppers tend to have complicated personalities. He’ll hopefully fix it.

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