As nocturnal as the night, Milino’s antics are difficult to carry off

Korean Kim Jiwon names his cat Milino by his given name. The purr has a playful quality to it, yet it doesn’t take away from how endearing it is.

You can’t help but admire the attentiveness of this large-eyed gloom, which is keeping a close check on you.

The owner claims he didn’t teach in him the need of a healthy lifestyle, and he has weird eating habits like chewing on lettuce leaves or apples.

Milino, on the other hand, prefers to spend his nights huddled up in a ball under the covers. It’s okay to be seduced by her, and it’s worth your time to look her directly in the eyes.

Since Kim is also a voracious inquirer, his attempts to conceal information from his lover have failed terribly.

Milino may be a great cuddle sweetheart if you need to beg the owner for another piece of candy.

Because she despises water, it’s tough to wash this energetic cat. Fortunately, she always licks herself clean.

Do you think that despite Milino’s appeal and attractiveness, you can disregard her tactics?

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