As a result of their timing, Cat believes they were destined to rescue each other

When Amanda was diagnosed with depression in 2016, she decided to take a leave of absence. The lady decided to get a puppy to help her feel better about herself.

Her eyes were drawn to an advertisement for a black and white cat on a classifieds web page. Amanda had to travel an hour and a half to get Cookie.

Due to the woman’s false belief that the cat was parasite-free, she aided in its dehydration. Cookie was found to be dehydrated and infected with worms after just two days.

Amanda couldn’t afford to take her pet to the vet. As a result, she decided to raise the kid by herself. Cookie weighed too little and had too little immunity to be treated with worm medication.

The only thing Amanda knew how to make while she was trying to gain weight was chicken-and-fish pies.

The kitten was given a medication every six hours. Taking a shower was done on a daily basis.The kitten grew ill after the worms were removed. Amanda fought for months to keep Cookie alive.

She’s fully recovered after a protracted time of recovery. A moment when Amanda couldn’t stand to get out of bed was recounted by Amanda.

She was always accompanied by a four-legged buddy.

Cookie was born before my death. I really wish we could have met in person. We «saved» each other, to quote Amanda.

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