After spending 2478 days at the shelter, the adorable canine is still unable to get his head around the fact that he has finally found a forever home

The length of time that this dog has spent waiting in the shelter is staggering. Despite this, Lia West remained resolute in her refusal to quit up.

The dog was obviously excited to see its new owner, as shown by the joyful wagging of its tail.

He was rescued in 2011 and brought here so that the team here could aid him in finding a new place to call home. Adoption opportunities for puppies and young dogs were made accessible to visitors.

The dog continued to wait, but the guests were hesitant to let him in since it was obvious that he had been there for some time and because it was possible that he was experiencing some type of problem at that point in time.

After 2478 days, the young guy became a permanent resident of the shelter, and he introduced himself as Bran. He said he had been there from the beginning.

Since it was something that everyone at the company had been looking forward to for a considerable amount of time, Lia West was delighted to hear the news.

The individual came to the conclusion that he wanted to have a dog of this breed as a pet after reading more about the history of the breed and looking at images of the dog.

Unbelievably, more than seven years have passed since the terrible event, and the animal is now seen peacefully asleep on a bed. This calls into question the plausibility of time travel.

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