After receiving assistance from a chihuahua, a large guy who previously had little use for tiny canines made the decision to devote his life to saving them

Manuel is an avid competitor in the world of bodybuilding. In particular, he despises poodles and other toy breeds. The individual presents himself as an animal advocate who is particularly fond of large canines.

The catastrophe occurred a week after the man’s wedding.Then a friend contacted and asked if they could temporarily board their dog with them.

As a gesture of gratitude to his buddy for seeing him through a tough moment, the guy planned to adopt the puppy for a short period of time.

A close bond between the dog and the bodybuilder was formed in only a few short months. The guy couldn’t get out of bed on certain days because he was just too lazy.

The animal was helpful in certain instances and fun to be around overall.

The idea of acquiring a pet of his own began to interest the guy. He has become attached to his friend’s dog, even though he knows he won’t always have it.

The years passed, and eventually he acquired a Chihuahua puppy of a year old. Then the rest of the creatures showed up. He started raising and training his own canine companions.

He’s determined to show people that animals should be handled with compassion and dignity.

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