A woman who was searching for the cat’s owners eventually came to the conclusion that she had made a huge mistake

A woman in Virginia was startled when she saw a cat in the fence. When the hounds were about to get the cat, she stepped in. She went online to find the pet’s owners.

Even though I found her last night, I knew she couldn’t have been a stray because of her size. Dogs that devour cats are loose.»

Her ears are white and her paws are really huge. Somewhat peculiar is the cat’s lack of tail. But… Cat determined to be hostile.

The woman uploaded more photos of her irate cat. If the dog’s owner couldn’t be located, she said she’d give it away.

Loud and forceful. To me, she resembles a tabby-Bengal hybrid or a Maine Coon. The colors in her photos from yesterday have faded to brown. Grey.

Please contact the owner. I can’t keep her despite her sweetness as she’s wild and violent.

If no one else wants her, I will. I almost lost a finger to this cat’s claws. She had been making a hissing noise all morning. “Rat!»

The woman was urged to free the lynx by Internet users. She did what she was told.“Oh my! I think she was rude because I grabbed her. No one ever mentioned lynxes to me. «I was hoping for more.»

His or her surprise. She needs to tidy up her mess. There’s no case of a lost cat. The lynx is now free and roaming the wild. There are no stings or scrapes.

When her story turned out well, the woman said she would give the lynx to whomever had criticized her.

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