A tale about a stubborn cat that wanted to survive but won’t drink milk. Tell me about it

On their way to the grocery store, an Arizona resident saw a little cat with a tuft of hair on her head. There was a noticeable coolness in the air, and the kitten shivered gently.

The lady took the kitten home to him to aid him. First, she tried to treat the kitten with some warm milk.

The small cat was taken home by the lady to aid him. She started out by giving the young cat some warm milk in an effort to comfort it.

Leila afterwards overheard Woofle making an intriguing mumbling sound of joy after a few of days.

This made her happy since it confirmed that her efforts weren’t for nothing, that Woofly was really improving, and that her health was on the mend.

Leila decided that she would keep the cat until he was three months old, at which point she would start looking for new owners and a permanent home for him.

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