A mother swan and her young are saved from drowning in a lake owing to the fast thinking of a traveler

In the course of his time working on the pier, Rob Adamson had many opportunity to observe the swans. The frequent flooding meant that the guy’s family had to deal with the challenges of hatching these bird eggs.

Foxes and other predators of young animals found the swan chicks to be easy pickings after they emerged from their nests.

Rob devised yet another brilliant plan to save the birds from the encroaching waters of the Great Ouse.

Some bird populations face extinction as a result of increasing sea levels. Because of the inflexibility of nature, this cannot be altered.

I didn’t sleep well because of this, and it was a problem for the next day as well. I realized I would kick myself if I didn’t help them now. ‘In his own words,’ as Rob Adamson put it.

The man stayed up all night constructing a nest for the swans, and then anchored it in the water by throwing it into the lake first thing in the morning.

He claims that the swan who gave birth to his nine siblings will be moved at some time.

Swans have a bad name for attacking humans who go too near to them. Rob was able to successfully soothe the bird, which showed some awareness of the situation.

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