A mother dolphin’s joy is contagious as her youngster is recovered from a fisherman’s net

Sailors in southern Italy freed the calf from the nets and saved its life.

A grateful mother sought to express her appreciation by jumping for joy when she discovered her terrified baby had been rescued and was still alive.

Fishermen’s nets often kill marine animals by snagging them, and this is far from an uncommon occurrence.

As a result of this pattern, several animal rights organizations have called for a reduction in human activity in order to safeguard marine wildlife.

Motherly love has no boundaries, as this dolphin mother proves. After thinking long and hard, she came up with a unique way to express her thanks to those who helped save her baby’s life.

The touching video was shot by Mario Polizzi and shared on his social media platforms, where it quickly went viral.

As beautiful as it was touching, the scene was a perfect blend of the two.

Dolphins are very intelligent creatures. In order to assist their young adjust to the harsh environment of the ocean, dolphin mothers spend six years with their young.

They also sing to their unborn children as a means to express their affection for them when they are still inside their mothers’ wombs. They may communicate with each other by blowing whistles.

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