A dog that always seems happy has gone viral on the internet

Bacca has a group of dedicated neighbors who look up to him and his infectious joy.

Owners poke fun at their pet by saying he never has a bad day because he can find something to celebrate in even the most mundane situations.

While he sleeps, he maintains his cheerful demeanor. Bacca’s owners like going on long walks and treks.

When Bacca goes camping with his friends, he puts on his helmet to give the impression that he is a particularly enormous camper.

Bacca’s always upbeat demeanor would lead one to believe that things are not going well for him, but the truth is that he is just a typical dog with boundless optimism.

It’s not only the veterinarians who know the animals need special care; the owners do, too. Bacca’s age alone—just he’s nine years old—is incredible.

Still, he is well into his sixties by human standards. Nonetheless, he is a tornado of activity.

Once happiness takes hold of him, he starts spinning around and around. One can hardly fail to be inspired by the dog’s optimistic perspective. Aww, look at that little cutie!

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