A 26-year-old woman transformed a disused police station into her ideal house

Rachel Roberts, then 26, acquired a two-story structure that had formerly functioned as a police station in 2018. She spent 180,000 GBP for a home in the quaint British town of Scissett, West Yorkshire.

It was clear to Rachel that she faced a monumental task.

The house lay abandoned for decades since they weren’t in a hurry to tear it down or fix it up. It was in 1853 that this building initially welcomed customers. In 1969, the structure was abandoned as the radio station relocated.

Everything within the property, even the two cells with bars and the office rooms with superfluous files left behind, had not changed in the previous 49 years when the buyer made the purchase.

Some mold was apparent and had to be cleaned off as well.Together with her partner Mike, Rachel devised a strategy for the remodel and went to work.

It took more than two years to turn the dark and dingy structure into a spacious and contemporary dwelling.

By the way, the pair kept the old flooring in some rooms, beams in others, and even bars in others, transforming them into unique decorative features.

Rachel and Mike left the walls of one of the rooms alone, opting to preserve their original condition.

One of the British television networks became interested in a worldwide makeover of such an extraordinary property at some time.

A short film was made about Rachel and Michael’s newly refurbished home after they were given assistance to complete the project.

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