Who carries blankets to the cold primates in Russia?

There is a major viral outbreak in the pre-winter months. Because certain species don’t like it when the temperature drops, they build warm havens and try to stay toasty in any manner they can.

For example, monkeys at the Kaliningrad Zoo like swaddling themselves in blankets. The orangutan family was taken care of by the city’s residents.

While in the wild, primates build their homes from branches and leaves, they prefer to hide out in zoos.

The critters are protected from the cold by a variety of blankets and shawls. They build them a house.

What could be better than a monkey under a blanket? When a visitor brings the primate a present, it is handled first. Fleece and woolen blankets, downy blankets are acknowledged.

Because they like animals, the majority of them always have something fresh to share.

For the first seven days after shipping, the bundles are kept in a cold storage facility at a temperature of just 18 degrees Fahrenheit under plastic coverings.

Finally, after sanitization, they may be found in the corners.

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