Who cared for others’ dogs while this young woman was traveling?

She served as a community leader in numerous London communities while traveling the globe. Curitiba, Brazil, was home to Juliana her whole life.

For a year, she planned to travel and work from home while saving money. When I first heard about taking care of a pet, it sounded too wonderful to be true. time.

Thanks to the lifting of limitations, I’ve just returned from my most enjoyable vacation to the United Kingdom ever.

After fifteen cities and 10 countries, she hasn’t spent a dime on home comforts yet.

Her stay in their home has been free of charge as a consequence of this. Juliana had the chance to meet a dog named Bowie when she was in Canada.

When they saw that she had two unique shades of blue like David Bowie’s, they named her Bowie.

Spending so much time and effort on the puppy was a wonderful experience.

Hearing about other people’s stories is Juliana’s favorite part of working as a pet sitter. Fresh people and new cultures fascinate me the most when traveling.

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