While out on a walk, the dog began digging and uncovered…how many millions?

While a couple was taking their dog on a walk near the property, the dog suddenly began digging furiously.

Initially, everyone assumed the animal had smelled a rodent. They then picked up a shovel and went to check it out.

It wasn’t long until a rusty can that looked nothing like a field mouse appeared. But the finest part was on the inside. The jar was full with ancient gold coins.

The situation with John and Mary’s money is better now. They spoke about selling some land on their evening walk.When they approached a little mound, their dog sprang forward and began digging fiercely around it.

That dog is acting really weirdly. After seeing their pet’s unusual interest, the pair decided to look into it. John said the rodent sniffed out the scent of field mice or steppe rats.

There was no apparent hole in the outer layer. In order to investigate what the dog had detected, the man came back with a shovel.

He took a couple swings with the bayonet of the shovel when it made contact with solid ground. A rusty metal can from the 1930s floated to the top after 20 minutes.

John said to the press, «I only grabbed a big tin when its lid fell off.»

The coins in the jar. Time has passed since the jar was buried. John made use of a metal detector. The next day he found six more cans.

They’ve been around for more than a century. The couple’s monetary woes were quickly resolved thanks to the $10 million find.

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