When you give your dog a kind grin, it makes their day. Is it possible to guess their thoughts?

Yes, it’s true that dogs like it when their human friends tell them they’re good.

Research showing that dogs’ appearances alter when seen by humans is quite recent.

This study is widely recognized as the first to provide systematic evidence that dogs do respond to human care.

University of California, Davis, researchers discovered that dogs respond to human attention with their characteristic «large cute eyes,» but are unlikely to alter their appearance in exchange for food.

A spokesperson said, «Canines don’t respond with extra looks after viewing delicious food, suggesting that canines make looks to impart.»

The dogs’ most common form of expression in this study was a «temple rising,» which enlarges the eyes (giving the impression of «huge cute eyes»).

In the study, experts used 24 pet dogs that were leashed and placed one meter away from a human subject.

Observations were made on their appearances at various times, including when the person was looking at the dog, when they were busy, and when they left the dog alone.

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