When my mother follows her dog to the garbage can, she finds the strangest and most wonderful things

While out for an early morning stroll in July, Tony came upon several animals in a neighboring garbage can.

«I searched for what he was concentrating on; we’ve seen several large and tiny species, including dogs and cats, roaming along our neighborhood.»

Thanks to Tony’s insight, Broks made a remarkable discovery.

«I heard sounds, and then I saw two little black paws attempting to get out of the garbage,» Broks said.

«As we went over, I saw three newborn raccoons attempting to escape but they couldn’t because of their size,» the narrator said.

Babies received help and thanked rescuers in silence. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Broks and Tony have worked together to save the day for the animal kingdom.

About a year ago, we used a neighbor’s ladder to rescue a bigger raccoon, Broks said. «I’ll grab some wood and put it beside the trash can for easy access in case of any future rescues.»

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