When it comes to cuteness, Toffie, the world’s smallest dog, has it all

The Internet has fallen in love with this lovable pooch.

In addition, he is known for being the tiniest dog in the world, as demonstrated by his pictures. Having a puppy like Toffie is a natural miracle, and the birth of a dog like that is incredibly uncommon.

If you’re an animal lover, you won’t be able to resist the adorableness of this little critter.

To get a sense of its size, just glance at the frame of the picture. Monica is the pup’s proud mommy.

Friends have been dropping by more regularly since she bought this adorable pup, and she believes that her dog is more to blame than herself for these visits.

Six cm tall, he is little over two months old — isn’t he adorable? Despite its little stature, it grows and develops properly. In light of Toffie’s stature, it is logical that he eats and drinks quite seldom.

In the home, everyone takes extra care to avoid tripping over him. It’s hard not to want to touch such a miraculous baby, and I’m sure everyone else feels the same way.

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