View two large pandas as they indulge in a piece of cake decorated for the National Zoo’s 50th anniversary

This cake, which had a wide variety of flavours, was a true culinary masterpiece. They (the panda and her cub) made sure the cake didn’t last more than 15 minutes.

The mother and son enjoyed the cake at the celebration while the father spent much of his time munching bamboo in an adjacent enclosure.

The Chinese envoy in Washington, D.C., chewed bamboo so loudly that the sound of it pervaded his whole speech.

These bears symbolise the warm relationship that exists between the two countries. In reality, pandas are fiercely self-sufficient animals.

The identical cake was brought to the father’s work for lunch. Both the accord of 1972 and Richard Nixon’s historic first visit to China were celebrated during the ceremony.

In addition, the success of the initiative to increase the giant panda population was celebrated on this day.

The Chinese leader presented two pandas to the citizens of the United States as a token of his goodwill.

In order to ensure the survival of pandas, the director of the National Zoo recently made the point that the chance to exhibit them to the world should be highly valued.

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