Vegetables and cucumbers are two examples of dog-friendly produce

Despite first impressions, there are a few things you shouldn’t give your dog.

The list includes things like caffeine, nicotine patches, bubble gum, candy, sweets, alcoholic beverages, and fatty foods like cream cheese and wine.

Is it really that big of a deal if Fido nibbles on a tomato or cucumber now and then? And you’re right, it doesn’t come over clearly at first.

Cucumbers are a healthy treat that may be given to dogs (NOT the pickled sort, but the raw kind).

Even though cucumbers are excellent for you, eating excessive quantities of them at once might make you sick to your stomach.

Solanine, a chemical found in tomatoes that may be poisonous in high doses, is a common addition fed to pigs.

Tomatoes that are intended for human consumption have had the quantities of solanine, a toxin that is found naturally but may be hazardous in big doses, lowered to safe levels (including the segments, stem, and leaves).

Separate yourself from the tomato and the canines! Put up a fence around your greenhouse or garden to keep Fido from destroying your hard work.

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