Two lynxes were rescued by a Russian lady; they now share her house with her canine companions

An exceptional Russian woman’s dogs, and not she herself, have garnered a large following on Instagram.

She now runs a kennel called «Rice and Seven Hasyat,» where two lynxes, three ponies, and eight dogs reside.

A long time ago, Nastya captured a lynx. She got it from a farm whose principal business is to sell skins and fur to the fashion industry.

The baby lynx’s name was Geralt after the protagonist. The young woman took in another lynx a year later, naming it Bun.

She had six huskies at the time and was first apprehensive that the lynxes wouldn’t get along with them.

The lynx, according to Anastasia, has characteristics of both cats and dogs.

She had the option of keeping only one or two, but she opted to take care of them all since she wanted a huge family.

The local ecosystem supported a state of contentment and peaceful coexistence among all species. She sacrificed her own happiness to ensure the joy of everyone else.

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