Toddlers are often ready to offer a hand when it comes to agricultural labor

No matter how many eggs he has cracked along the road, Mikelann Mollman is still in awe of her child’s smart mind.

Wegy often joins me on my ranch chores while his father is busy at his tool business.

In an attempt to imitate whatever I do, he’s a good observer who soaks up a lot of information from the environment around him.

He has a little seat in the pallet steer loader and likes following me about as I buy and transfer roughage bundles.

He steals eggs from our chickens as soon as he arrives.

Once they’d been dropped and shattering for a while, now he understands how to carefully arrange and/or give me back the broken pieces.

Despite the odds, I am certain that he will achieve his goals.

Even though Wegy has a lovely little boss demeanor, he is also an outstanding little boss when it comes to keeping an eye out for his mother’s job around the ranch.

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