Thor, the Bengal cat shown on Animal Planet, may be seen in this photo

Tigers, especially deadly ones, are seldom well-liked. Although tigers are dangerous, some people find their coats lovely.

If you’re afraid of big cats, give Bengals a chance. Stunning! What do you think? Everyone would love one of them as a pet since they aren’t dangerous.

It was Thor’s magnetism that drew in so many to the show. This Bengal is a viral phenomenon on the internet. On Facebook, he has more than 220,000 fans.

There are green spots on this cat’s eyes, as well. Almost everyone would be thrilled to own such a companion animal. What lucky people!

Black-and-and-and-orange striped Bengal cats have emerald-colored eyes. Fantastic!

For his striking appearance, this cat is adored. With all of his energy and spontaneity, he shines. He’s just like any other dog when it comes to belly rubs.

A brave Bengal cat is one of the most clever and observant breeds in the world. Larger than the ordinary person.

They are not just photographs of a cat; they are photographs of an excellent model.Who would want this cat’s owners? He’s gorgeous.

At Thor’s 7th birthday celebration, he received a lot of positive feedback. It was well appreciated for its beauty by enthusiasts. Thor is deserving of recognition.

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