This youngster, just 10 years old, has rescued dozens of koalas

I like reading stories about people who work to save abused or discarded animals. You feel twice as joyful when you learn that a young person is kind and generous.

As far back as she can remember, Izzy Bee (now ten) has seen her parents save koalas.

Magnetic Island in Australia is home to family members. Several koala babies have been orphaned, and there are numerous koalas in this area.

Parents Izzy and Jeremy couldn’t bear to see their child in pain, so they took her home. After they mature, the cubs are released back into the wild.

The young lady was reared with koalas and began taking care of them at an early age.

She finally gets her hands on Kirk. He avoided his mom and refused to eat. The girl never let go of the baby, clearly trying to take the position of a parent. The koala recovered its health, brightened up, and started eating.

Found babies are comforted by Izzy. Her family and friends dubbed her «the koala whisperer.» That adorable one shot to fame. She was interviewed for an Animal Planet show on people who care for animals.

Izzy can help the cubs since her mother was a veterinarian and knows what they need to grow strong.

Each animal the family cares for becomes a member of the family, and when it is finally released, it is done so with much sadness.

The parents of Izzy’s siblings built a hotel for them. There are a total of four creatures here.

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