This set of triplets looks so similar that not even their mother could tell them apart

The fact that their mother, Katja, already had a son named Jacob, who was 4 years old when the triplets were born, made their birth even more unusual.

Given how similar they were, even their mother urged them to develop own characteristics. A occurrence of this rarity happens just once in 200,000,000 times.

Because of this, she eventually got married again and had children via that union. According to Katja’s obstetrician, she has three unborn children.

It came as a shock to the woman. Events during the last nine months have, thankfully, proceeded without a hitch. Fantastic newborns emerge, and they all make it.

Despite their obvious beauty, no one would ever be able to tell them apart due to their uncanny resemblance.

In the beginning, the parents lied to their loved ones. They avoided making introductions to separate themselves apart from the kids.

After almost two months in the hospital, the two younger sons were discharged.Tom was the only one who lasted the whole 30 days, which was 10 days longer than his brothers.

So it was great news that they were able to reconcile and be together again.

That’s really weird that that happened! They’re so cute, you have to admit it.

And who could dispute the striking similarities between the two? That’s the sweetest and most out-of-the-ordinary thing that’s ever happened, right? Put it in the comments and don’t be bashful.

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